Why Does My Sewing Machine Keep Jamming?

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A sewing machine, whether electronic or mechanical, stitches fabric and other materials with thread. The device works by feeding the fabric through the needle. A bobbin is used to create a lockstitch which holds the line in its place. Many kinds of sewing machines are available, from primary machines for home use to advanced devices for professional sewing and embroidering.

Standard features include an adjustable stitch length and breadth, built-in cutters, adjustable needle positions, and various presses for different sewing techniques.

Various sewing projects can be done with sewing machines: clothing, quilting, home decor, etc.

Aside from traditional sewing machines, computerized sewing machines can be programmed automatically to perform different stitches and designs. These machines often have built-in embroidery patterns and can be customized to make your projects even more precise.

Let’s solve your questions about why does my sewing machine keep jamming? OR Why is my sewing machine jamming?

Causes of Sewing Machine’s Jamming

why is my sewing machine jamming

Here are the causes of your sewing machine’s jamming.

Incorrect Threading

One reason your machine may jam is that the thread was not properly threaded. This can lead to tension problems and skip stitches.

A Poorly-Fitting Bobbin

Another reason for sewing machine jam is a poorly-fitting or loose bobbin. A bobbin incorrectly seated in the machine can cause problems, including skipped stitches and tension issues.

Dirty Needles

Over time, sewing machine threads can get blocked with lint and dirt. This can lead them to be unable to sew correctly. Regular cleaning of your needles is essential to avoid this.

sewing machine needles

Thread Tension Problems

A thread set too low can cause it to bunch up and jam your machine. In contrast, too high tension can cause the line to snap or break. You should adjust the pressure to suit the fabric you are sewn. Poorly oiled sewing machines can also lead to jams. Follow the manufacturer’s directions to ensure that your device is regularly oiled.

Thread Guide And The Tension Knob

Foreign Objects in the Feed Dogs

The feed dogs are responsible for moving the fabric through the sewing machines. Any foreign objects, such as thread and lint, can block the feed dogs. It would help to clean your dog’s feed bowls regularly to avoid this.

A Poorly Installed Presser Foot

This is the foot that holds the fabric together while you sew. The wrong installation can cause the fabric to move and jam the machine. Install the presser foot according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Dirty and Dusty Sewing Machines

A dusty or dirty machine can cause jams. Regular cleaning of your machine should be done according to manufacturer instructions.

Not Sewing On a Thin Layer

Sewn layers should not be too thick. The fabric stuck in sewing machine could jam if it is not. It is possible to upgrade to a heavy-duty machine for thick/tough sewing.

Defective Sewist

A malfunctioning machine can lead to jams. Take your machine to a qualified technician for repairs and diagnosis if you experience frequent issues.

The Handwheel Is Refusing To Move

The handwheel on any sewing machine should be able to move smoothly. This means that if the handwheel is difficult to turn, you have a problem. When the sewing machine stops working properly, a stuck handwheel will make turning difficult.

The Pusher Foot Is Not Moving

Why does my sewing machine keep jamming? If the presser feet are still stuck downwards, it will be impossible to place the fabric underneath. This is a problem because the presser foot must be sewn differently. It is your broken lever that causes the pressure to stay down. If the pressure foot lever is broken, it’s best to call professionals. If the existing one is not working, you can purchase a new presser foot.

Use Scissors to Remove the Fabric Carefully

Once the fabric is removed, you can clean the machine thoroughly using a soft toothbrush or a rolling pin to remove any remaining threads. Before you continue your project, replace the thread and needle.

If you have trouble removing the fabric or feel uncomfortable doing so yourself, you should take your machine to a professional to be repaired. They can help you remove the fabric safely and keep your machine in top working order.

Clogging the Machine at One or More Points

Debris or lint can cause a machine to become clogged. Cleaning up the machine will be a regular chore. Turn the sewing machine keeps jamming off if a jammed machine causes the problem. Now it’s time to clean your machine thoroughly. 

Frequently Ask Questions

Why Does My Sewing Machine Thread Keep Bunching Up?

A thorough cleaning will solve your bunching problems. Check your manual to see the guidelines for cleaning and maintenance. Your machine may also require oiling. Avoid stitch glitches by regularly dusting under the throat plate and along the thread route. You should also oil your machine at least once a month.

How Do I Check My Bobbin Tension?

Take out the bobbin casing and bobbin and hold the end to check the tension. You should quickly pull up your thread. The thread should not unwind much, and the bobbin container should drop an inch.

What Tension Should You Use For Thick Fabric?

A tension of 3 to 4.5 is recommended when stitching thick fabrics, such as leather and denim. This allows you to sew through the fabric and keep it neat.

Why Does My Sewing Machine Not Feed Thick Fabric?

If my sewing machine keeps jamming won’t feed your fabric, it is likely that your presser foot has been pressing down too hard to the point where the feed dog can’t do its job. In order to make the feed dogs happy, lower the pressure on the presser foot. Increase the length of your stitch to allow feed dogs to perform a more significant number of revolutions.

Why Is My Fabric Not Properly Feeding?

Restart sewing by lowering the presser foot. Another reason your machine may not feed fabric is that the feeder dogs (or feed teeth) are not engaged.


Why does my sewing machine keep jamming? My Sewing Machine is a crucial part of our business. It allows me to make beautiful clothes, home decor items, and other valuable items. But, as with any machine, they will need regular maintenance to run smoothly.

Cleaning your sewing machine is an integral part of machine maintenance. The device can become clogged with dust and lint, which can cause problems for the moving parts. Regularly vacuum the lint trap and wipe down the outside of your machine with a soft, clean cloth.

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