What Goes With Light Blue Shorts – 17 Best Combination Ideas For This Summer

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In terms of fashion pairing colors, it can be an issue. Shorts with a light blue hue are a favorite choice in summer, but most people aren’t sure what to wear them with. Don’t worry; many options are available for creating a fashionable and cohesive look with the light blue of your shorts. We’ll look at some of the most appealing colors and clothes that you can wear in light blue shorts.

If you are a fan of the comfortable look, you can pair it with a light blue linen long-sleeve top along with blue shorts. An outfit of canvas white low-top sneakers can be a chic partner to your attire. If you’re looking to get out and what goes with light blue shorts?

Shorts in light blue are stylish and versatile pieces that can be worn with a wide range of patterns and colors. If you choose an elegant white t-shirt or a bold pattern you have many options for creating an attractive and fashionable outfit using light blue shorts. Try experimenting with various combinations until you find the ideal look that suits you!

The History of Men’s Shorts

History of Men's Shorts

Shorts were commonplace for military units all over North Africa in World War II. Shorts began as knee pants to boys during the 1890s. They later were the basis for uniforms for Scouts and schools. Tripping and roughhousing could cause knee injuries when a boy was wearing pants that were full length.

Once a boy reached the age of adulthood, he was expected to wear shorts no longer and change to wearing trousers. The trend changed during World War II. In tropical climates, troops began wearing shorts to combat the temperatures.

They’re famously depicted in representations from The British Eighth Army in North Africa between 1940 and 1943, also referred to as the “Desert Rats’. It is believed that the German Afrika Korps, Italian army, and Free French forces also wore shorts while on the field.

As men returned to civilian life following the war it was just a matter of time until shorts became normal. In the mid-century, shorts were fashionable for casual occasions in hot weather, with male icons of the time such as John Wayne taking advantage of the trend of the moment.

Do You Also Know What Is Appropriate For Lighter Blue Shorts?

What matches with light blue shorts? Blue shorts are a great choice to wear with black, white or beige, yellow, or even a multi-colored shirt, and they will all blend beautifully. You can also play with your imagination to experiment with different colors before you settle on one but don’t overthink the matter, just play and play around.

In general, what colors go in with blue light? The colors that go well with light blue are:

  • Dusty rose
  • Peach
  • Lavender
  • Lilac
  • Navy blue
  • Midnight blue
  • White
  • Cream

What Goes With Light Blue Shorts?

Light blue shorts are an elegant and versatile accessory to your wardrobe and are suitable for informal and formal occasions. But, the issue of what outfit to pair with your light blue pants could be difficult to solve.

To aid you we’ve compiled some ideas of how to wear your shorts that are light blue to create chic and well-integrated outfits. There are a few color shirt styles that we think will be perfect and go well with the navy blue pants you’re wearing. Fortunately, these color shirts can be found everywhere in a man’s closet and you don’t have to invest much effort in the search for these colors.

1. Clear white Men’s Shirts

white Men's Shirt with blue shorts

A reliable and classic option to pair with your navy blue shorts is a clean white shirt with a button-down. Select a shirt made of light materials, and you can dress it up for a classy look.

2. Yellow Men’s T-shirts

Yellow T-shirt with blue short

It’s easy to believe that this is a strange option for a shirt that goes with navy blue; however, lighter shades of yellow can be a good selection. The soft shades of yellow are a nice contrast to the navy and make the overall ensemble more appealing to the eyes.

3. Chambray Men’s T-shirts

Chambray Men's T-shirt with blue shorts

Chambray is usually a light blue color. While it might look similar to denim, chambray is lighter. It looks great when paired with a darker blue shade like navy. It will create an air of freshness once you wear it.

4. Blue Shorts with a white T-Shirt

Blue Shorts with a white T-Shirt

Blue shorts with white T-shirts make it a summer-ready color. It’s so accessible that while it isn’t possible to alter the color in this particular style, we can certainly alter the way the fabric appears.

We can opt for lighter blue jeans with rims that are folded and have tiny tear marks on the patches to give an easy casual appearance. Add white sneakers with low-ankle socks to give an uncluttered look.

5. Blue Shorts with a black T-Shirt

Blue Shorts with a black T-Shirt

What to wear with light blue shorts? While black might seem like the least relaxing summer hue, it’s a fashionable color that is compatible with almost every other color. Therefore, you need to make the right choices and that can be done by using the appropriate fabric.

Choose a black solid jersey t-shirt, and wear it with denim blue, mid-blue, and slightly damaged shorts. You can also add a pair of casual white sneakers and perhaps accessorize by wearing square-framed sunglasses.

6. Blue Shorts with a gray T-Shirt

blue short with gray t-shirt

Let’s go for a darker tone of blue shorts, and wear it with a gray solid T-shirt. Grey, being a neutral shade can soften the look by its presence over the dark shade. You can wear a pair of high-heeled white shoes and an ankle-high pair of socks to complete the look. You complement it with Aviators with a black shade and a gold metallic frame.

7. Blue Shorts with Navy Blue Polo

Blue Shorts with Navy Blue Polo

Begin by matching your mid-blue washed denim pants with an asymmetrical pair of normal-sized navy blue polo. It’s an outfit that could be worn casually for formal occasions. For instance, if you’re out with your coworkers, it isn’t a party after work, but rather an office day outing.

The length of your shorts may differ by your office’s policy However, if it’s not applicable, you can choose a short which is longer than the knee. Include a pair of casual white shoes that are ankle-length and square-framed black polarized sunglasses.

8. Blue Shorts with a maroon T-Shirt

Blue Shorts with a maroon T-Shirt

Indeed, maroon isn’t an extremely popular color among males but it will work with the perfect color of blue. As an example, a t-shirt in maroon with a minimalist print is worn with worn-out light blue jeans.

You can make it appear more mineral by wearing black sneakers that have white laces and white soles. The white will provide a bit of gentleness to the stark contrast.

9. Blue Shorts with an Olive Green T-Shirt

blue short and olive green t-shirt

A different summer style is to pair an olive green faded t-shirt with faded mid-blue shorts. If you’re going to wear a color such as faded olive green, you should opt for a solid design or something that has a minimal print.

Perhaps even color block white to ensure that neutrals and neutrals complement each other. So, let’s get back to finishing this look by wearing an ankle-high pair of white sneakers and a black baseball cap.

10. Blue Shorts with a Blue and White Tee with stripes

Blue Shorts with a Blue and White Tee with stripes

With all the things to come, I think it’s high time to look into what can be made with various designs. This stylish and easy look can be made by using a pastel white and blue striped T-shirt.

It is possible to pair it with jeans in a light blue shorts outfit which is longer than the knee and has fringes along the edges. The look can be completed with a pair of white sneakers with round-framed sunglasses in black.

11. Blue Shorts with a Navy Blue printed Shirt

Blue Shorts with a Navy Blue printed Shirt

This is a style I like the look of a printed shirt paired with blue jeans shorts. This may require more effort since you’ll need to learn how to balance the colors of the design. Don’t forget to go with socks that have colors like red and black.

But, if you chose the shirt with its base color of navy blue you could offset the shirt with prints featuring hues like light blue or cream yellow. It’s all about balancing the prints and colors for the event.

12. Blue Shorts with a unisex T-shirt and a checked shirt

Blue Shorts with a unisex T-shirt

Prints are excellent, however, checked shirts have been well-tested and tried, and should consider having one on the bag. Choose a darker olive-green checked shirt and an edgy pair of jeans.

Blue Shorts with a checked shirt

The checks should be large to create a casual look and put on an unbuttoned white tee underneath the checked shirt that is not buttoned. The only thing left to do is finish the look by wearing an off-white pair of ankle-high canvas shoes and regular-length white socks.

13. Blue Shorts with a White T-Shirt and Blue Denim T-Shirt

man with Blue Shorts and a Blue Denim T-Shirt

A navy blue pair of shorts, a white solid top, and light blue jeans shirt over it is quite a mix. This is a great holiday outfit by putting on black gladiators to wear over your sneakers. Also, you can wear beige or tan accessories such as a hat with a style that complements the gladiators. It’s not only comfortable but it’s an easy style that has easy airflow.

14. Navy Blue Shorts Outfits for Men

Navy Blue Shorts Outfits for Men

The most important thing to have a successful outfit is to know the basics of a top and the short combinations. Once you’ve got a notion of what color would be a good match for the navy it’s time to find complete outfits that can be worn anytime, any time, wherever.

15. Off-Duty Dresses

Off-Duty Dresses

If you’re looking to create a chic yet easy look and still look elegant, the combination of a white and navy printed crewneck sweater with navy blue shorts is an ideal choice. Add your most adored white canvas low-top sneakers to complete your look and you’re ready to go.

If you’re seeking proof that navy and white go well together, then the white polo and navy shorts look is the best option. If you want a casual style the orange slip-on sneakers can tie the entire ensemble together.

For the modern gentleman, the gray vertical short-sleeve striped shirt and navy shorts create the perfect look for casual wear. White canvas low-top sneakers are the ideal piece to complete the style.

16. Styles Casual

Styles Casual

What color shirts go with light blue shorts? To create a casual, yet elegant look, a selection of red polo and navy blue pants is what you require. You can put on your white Canvas sneakers and sunglasses and a wristwatch, and be amazed at how seamlessly these items blend.

For a stylish casual look, the outfit of a navy shirt and navy shorts is what you’re searching for. You can go in a more casual approach by changing into flip-flops.

Choose a gray sweatshirt, a charcoal-colored crew-neck tee, and navy shorts. Your attire is a great option for those in search of a stylish and comfortable outfit. Finish your look with the right pair of gray athletic shoes that will add a casual feel to the outfit.

17. Semi-Formal Ensembles

Semi-Formal Ensembles

If you are planning an elegant semi-formal look that is of the finest quality menswear A blue blazer, white button-down shirt and navy blue shorts are classics. You can complete your look with the white and black leather brogues for a chic finish to your overall look.

The semi-formal style arsenal of a white long-sleeved shirt with navy pants is a combo you must consider. The dark brown leather loafers will make your outfit look more stylish and elegant.

If you’re fond of semi-formal ensembles, the combination of an oversized red check blazer and navy shorts will have you falling in love with it. White canvas low-top sneakers make a stylish style effortlessly.

Frequently Ask Questions

What Goes With Light Blue Shorts Go Together?

It’s all about what kind of personality you possess. For instance, if you’re an adventurer and you are a sociable person, these clothes will go well together. But, if you’re generally reserved, it could be better to select different clothes that reflect your personality effectively.

Should I Wear Brown Shoes While Wearing Blue Pants?

Brown shoes work well when paired with blue pants as this is among the most well-known outfit combos. This is suitable for every occasion and weather condition.

What Colors Are Good For Blue Shorts?

Blue is a color that can be worn in a variety of combinations. Blue shorts, as you stated can be worn with the white, black, yellowu003cstrongu003e, u003c/strongu003eand green top, which can be paired perfectly. You can also play with your imagination and experiment with various colors before settling on one. Remember not to think too much about the choice.

What Shorts Would Look Good With A Lighter Blue Shirt?

The combination that comes with light blue shirts with the black shorts is a great casual style. If you’re looking to increase the style of your outfit by just one piece, add white canvas low-top sneakers into the mix. A white shirt with a light blue color with black shorts makes for the ultimate casual ensemble for the modern-day gentleman.

What Color Is The Best For Shorts?

Solid colors like tan, khaki navy; white as well as off-white are the most classic styles for shorts for men. Plaids, specifically plaids that have a white base can be a stylish essential, but they should be paired with a polo shirt to avoid appearing like a frat boy.

Which One Is The Best To Wear With White Jeans?

What color shirt is best suited to white jeans? Light blue jeans are generally favored by lighter or neutral-colored clothesu003cstrongu003e. u003c/strongu003eGrey and white are the most appropriate shades for a light blue jeans combination. You could also wear some of the darker blue shades or even a black shirt with your light blue jeans.

What’s Good About Blue Shorts Girls?

If you’re looking to appear cool and casual, you can wear an orange blazer and blue shorts. Wear white canvas sneakers if you’re feeling weighty for this outfit. We love pairing it with a light blue vertical stripe polo and blue shorts for a relaxed style because it’s one of our favorite ways to wear it.

What Color Shirts Go With Blue Pants?

Blue pants are a great match with a variety of hues that range from purple to white. Also, sky blue shirts and black pants make an excellent choice for formal occasions or everyday outfits. Blue shirts are a great match with black, gray, or cream pants in contrast.


What goes with light blue shorts? It is essential to choose a dress that complements the situation and the fashion of the wearer! Being confident in your attire is essential!

That’s why testing new outfits and styles with the ever-popular navy blue shorts are crucial for everyone who wants to be stunning at any event.

There are a myriad of variants and other ideas you can explore. However, here are some fundamental concepts that anyone can work on to make a collection of clothes they would like to wear.

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