5 Reasons Why Is your Sewing Machine Skipping Stitches

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Sewing machine skipping stitches can be frustrating and even more disturbing when you don’t know why and how to fix it. Some of the most common problems and their solutions are explained here.

One of the most common reasons why a sewing machine skips stitches even though you are using the right type of needle is that its needle is not placed correctly. In this situation, you should pull out the needle and reinsert it.

Needle Is Seated Incorrectly


It is highly recommended to change the needle even after a small project because after every project the needle gets dull and causes a lot of issues. If you face this problem then the only solution is to change the needle to a new needle.

Damaged Needle


A variety of needles are available in the market for different types of fabrics such as a ball point needle is best for jersey fabrics. So, if you use the wrong type of needle on fabric then it can result in skipping stitches.

Incorrect Needle


The thing which mostly affects the performance of a machine is stuck dirt and debris because it creates difficulty for the machine to move. So, it is very important to properly clean the machine from the inside and outside.

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Dirt Or Debris


If a needle bar is set too high or too low then it can result in skipped stitches. You should adjust it after every project because it usually gets loosened after some time and can cause the sewing machine to skip stitches.

Incorrectly Set Needle Bar



● Change the needle after at least 8 hours

● Take your machine for a tune-up regularly

● Use the needle according to the type of fabric

● Use the silicone spray on the thread to fix the skipped stitches


Usually, the suggestions are given here work but if they don’t make sure you take your sewing machine to a professional for its service.