Why Does My Zipper Keep Falling Down - 5 Ways to Fix it

The problem of falling zippers is faced by almost everyone, and everyone hates this problem. Well, it is not so hard to make it stop, you can fix this by using some tricks.

You can fix the zippers from falling with the help of pliers, all you need to do is gently pinch one side of the zipper. It would be better if you just use needle-nose pliers because it is easier to do it with them.

Using Pliers


If the size of the zipper is small and it keeps falling then applying nail polish to it would be a great trick. You will need to apply the nail polish on both sides of the zipper teeths, make sure you let the nail polish dry completely.

Nail Polish


Applying the hair spray on the zippers is a great solution but it is a short-term solution, the zipper will start to fall after some time. In this process, you will first need to close the zipper teeth and then apply the hair spray, here the spray acts as glue.

Hair Spray


1. First of all, you need to find a metal loop, just like found on the key rings.

Gray Frame Corner
Gray Frame Corner

Metal Loop


2. Attach the metal loop to the zipper through threading at a small metal opening at the end

3. Pull the zipper to the top of the tether

4. Take the metal loop and hook it over the button of your pants.

Why my zipper keeps falling off is a common problem and there are many tricks to fix it, but if none of them works then it would be better for you to get that zipper replaced.

Replace The Zipper


Who invented the sewing machine 20,000 years Ago?


A falling zipper is the most frustrating thing, but you don’t need to worry because there are plenty of ways you can fix it. Usually, any method can work for fixing it but if any of them don’t work then it would be better to get the zipper replaced.