6 Reasons Why Does My Thread Keep Breaking

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Why does my thread keep breaking is a common question asked by people because it is a common problem and is faced by everyone? There are a lot of reasons behind this thread braking so you will need to check your sewing machine properly.

The thread of a sewing machine keeps breaking also because of the needles, it can be a problem if the installed needle is bent or damaged. And you will also need to make sure that the needle you are using is suitable for the fabric you are sewing.



Another reason why your sewing machine keeps breaking is because of the bobbin. If the thread keeps breaking because of the bobbin then you will need to wound it evenly and tightly. If it still don’t fix your problem then it would be better to replace the bobbin.



A real difference is made by the quality of the thread, the thread will easily get broken if you use a low quality thread. So, it would be great to use a high-quality thread in your sewing machines.

Thread Quality


Another reason why the thread in sewing machines is because of the presence of knots or snags present in the thread. Make sure you cut the knotted area of the thread and then re-thread your machine.

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Thread Snags


The bad condition of the throat plate can also cause the thread breakage. Whenever a needle gets broken in a sewing machine, then it increases the risk of a nick in the plate which becomes the cause of breakage of thread. So, you will need to clean the throat plate completely.

Throat Plate


Make sure you don’t pull the thread too hard, the needle should always be kept in the up position whenever drawn, and pull the thread before cutting it. Pulling the thread too hard can cause the thread to break easily so be careful when doing it.

Don’t Pull



The thread in sewing doesn’t usually break continuously but if it is happening with you then it is a serious problem. You will need to check your sewing machine completely and will have to look for the cause behind this breakage of thread.