Who invented the sewing machine 20,000 years Ago?

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One of the most asked questions is who invented the sewing machine. The sewing machine was not easily invented, there were some serious scandals, a lot of failed attempts, and a lot of effort was made when the sewing machine was invented.

20,000 years ago when the only concept was hand sewing. People used the bones as their needles and animal sinew as thread. When this artistry was at its peak, people started to think about sewing clothes easily and they came up with a sewing machine.

The idea of a sewing machine

The first needle for the sewing machine was invented by a German man named Charles Weisenthal.

The First Needle

Englishman Thomas Saint was the man who created the history of sewing machines by designing the first detailed design of a sewing machine. This design describes a machine that is powered by a motor with a hand crank and is used for canvas and leather.

Detailed Design

It was not so easy to design a sewing machine, a lot of attempts and failures were faced to find the perfect design. Such as in 1810 Balthasar invented the machine but it failed, in 1814 Josef Madersperger who is an Australian tailor failed even after several attempts.

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Attempts And Fails

Finally, after the efforts and attempts of 40 years French tailor Barthelemy Thimonnier invented the first perfect sewing machine which worked. This machine consists of a hooked needle and only one thread, creating a chain stitch.

Successful Sewing Machine

In 1845 Elias Howe who was from America invented a design in which the machine uses the thread from two different sources. In this machine, the needle goes through the fabric and gets reversed by creating a loop, and the second thread is slipped through the loop.


Benefits of Sewing machine

The invention of sewing machines has had a big impact on our lives; it has helped all the women and workers who worked manufacturing clothes. Moreover, the machines have provided us with more efficient finishes for the clothes.


In the journey of manufacturing the sewing machine these guys made a lot of efforts and brilliant ideas, they failed again and again but at last, they got success.