Top 10 Textile

Apparel Exporting Countries of the World

Which country is the leader in the cotton textile industry is the most asked question. Well, in many countries why cannot take the name of anyone? So, the top 10 textile and apparel exporting countries in the world are explained below.


Turkey plays an important role in the world textile trade, it always manages to meet the high standards of a broad range of products. Turkey has reached USD 27.56 Billion in export value in the textile industry.


Hong Kong has a long history of flexibility, manufacturing, and innovation in the industry of textile and clothing. Germany is considered one of the biggest exporters of manmade fiber, machinery, knitted apparel cloth, and synthetic yarn, and its export value is $38.99 billion.


China is considered one of the largest exporters and manufacturers in the whole textile industry. The factors on which the industry is driving are raw material quality, high-tech machinery, low-cost production, and label development, and its export value is $266.41 billion.


Vietnam comes at the 4th number of global exporters in the textile and apparel industry, and the export value of Vietnam is USD 37.93 Billion. The mission of this country is to produce items that have high competitiveness in the market.


India is included in the world's largest producers and exporters list of textile and apparel industry. India is standing at number 5 in that list and has an export value of $37.11 Billion. Intensive technology is being used by India to produce mass amounts of textile products.


If you notice Bangladesh in recent decades then you will see that it has also made its place in apparel manufacturing. The main strength of this country is its vast workforce and low labor cost. It is leading in textile exporting and has an export value of USD 38.3 Billion.


Italy has a dominant name in the world of fashion and apparel, the entire range of fibers such as linen, wool, cotton, and silk are covered by Italy. The export value of the Italian textile industry is about USD 36.57 Billion.


Spain is leading in the industry of textile and textile machine manufacturing, it ranges from dyeing, spinning, and weaving clothes. And all types of machinery are manufactured in Spain. It is considered as 10th largest exporter and has an export value of USD 20.20 Billion.


The United States is a leading competitive manufacturer and exporter of textiles globally. The items exported by it are yarns, apparel, raw materials, and many other textile products. It comes at 8th number on the textile exporter list with an export value of USD 27.14 Billion.

Hong Kong

Hong Kong has a strong name in dyed and printed fabric. It is one of most leading exporters and manufacturers of fine-gauge cotton knitting, denim weaving, cotton spinning, and knit-to-shape panel knitting. It is the 9th largest exporter with an export value of USD 20.43 Billion.

As we know that many countries have improved their exports and are stabilizing themselves at a fast rate. So, this was the recent report about the country’s leading in the textile and apparel industry.