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The sewing machine is a great invention that helped every sewist a lot. Before sewists used to work with their hands but with the invention of the sewing machine, their work has become easier and less time taking. In this guide, we explain everything related to the invention of the sewing machine.

The First Patent

The first man who felt the need for a sewing machine was Charles Weisenthal. He designed a special needle for a machine in 1755. It is true that does not show any design of a machine, but this was the start of the sewing machine.

The person who wrote his name in the history of the sewing machine by making the first detailed design in 1790 was Englishman Thomas Saint. This design was machine powered and consisted of a hand crank for canvas and leather.

First Detailed Design

19th Century

In the 19th century, everyone started to focus on building a perfect sewing machine but one by one everyone failed. Every failure was powered by a winding handle. The only problem in each model was the position of the needle.

First Successful Machine


The person who was successful in creating a perfect sewing machine was Thomas Saint. This machine worked perfectly fine. After that, a French tailor also invented the sewing machine that used one thread and a hooked needle.

Elias Howe was from America and he invented a sewing machine patent in 1845. His patent model stated that this process uses thread from 2 different sources. The needle was at the perfect location. Elias Howe went to England for showing its design but when he returned his patent was copied by Isaac Merritt Singer.

Elias Howe

Isaac Singer

As the importance of sewing machines increased, everyone started to work on inventing new models. In 1851, Isaac Merritt Singer invented the incredible machine that was the best of that time. This sewing machine model was with a foot pedal and needle up-and-down feature.

Patent Infringement 

Elias Howe was unable to hold himself and took Singer to the court for patent infringement. Singer tried to make excuses but Elias Howe was lucky and he won the case.


In this guide, we explained the complete history of the invention of the sewing machine from the start to now. We hope this information helped in enhancing your knowledge.