Do you know? What Sewing Machine Has The Largest Throat

If you are looking for a sewing machine that has the largest throat then you will be going to like the HUSQVARNA VIKING PLATINUM 16 quilting machine. It has the largest throat and allows you to have 16 inches of space.

The motor which is installed in this large throat sewing machine is also very powerful, with this powerful motor you can do up to 1500 stitches per minute.


In this sewing machine, you can also choose your favourite speed setting from the given three settings just by touching on its screen which is easy to use.

Speed Settings

TruStitch is a mode in this sewing machine that turns it into a stitch-regulated machine. The patent-pending technology is used by it which tracks your sewing motion and stitch length.


This sewing machine with the largest throat does not take much space, you can use it in any room to complete your stitching project, as it consists of 16’’ throat space and about 8’’ of vertical space.

Enough Space

If you are stitching using this sewing machine then you do not need to worry about the visibility of lights, because the entire area of this machine is filled with bright LED lights.


Whether the size of your sewing project is small or large you will have complete support with a table of 36’’ x 30’’.

Professional Size Workspace

It is very easy to control this sewing machine and is highly portable, because of its lightweight you can easily carry it.


● Comes with a separate bobby winder ● M-size Bobbins with large capacity ● Thread stand containing 4 spool ● One tap foot pedal

Additional Features