What Kind Of Sewing Machine

Do I Need For Leather

Whether your leather sewing project is a large one or a smaller one, you need to be careful about the sewing machine you are using. There are leathers of multiple types, so if you want your project to go well then you need the best sewing machine.

Large Radish


If you want a sewing machine for leather then make sure it is heavy-duty. It is because a heavy-duty sewing machine handles the leather greatly, whether the project is larger or smaller it 

Presser Feet

The presser feet play a vital role when sewing leather as they don’t let the leather slip. If a right presser foot is installed in a sewing machine then it will be easy for you to sew leather.

High-Quality Thread

If you are a beginner in sewing leather then using a nylon thread would be great, but if you are a professional sewist then it would be best to use a cotton or cotton-poly blend sera fil thread.


For sewing leather, you will need to make sure that the needle installed in the sewing machine can easily pierce the leather. When choosing a needle you need to make sure that it is suitable for the type of leather, a popular needle for stitching leather is a diamond point needle.

Try it

When purchasing a sewing machine for leather, make sure you try it at least one time on a piece of leather. It will help you to know the performance of the sewing machine and will let you know that is it suitable for you or not.

Motor Power

The power of the sewing machine motor is also very important, as the sewing machine is used to sew leather so it is very essential to have a motor power of around 550. It is because leathers are much heavier and thicker than the normal fabric and require more power.

Many sewing machines can be used for sewing leather but you need to choose a sewing machine whose performance is best. If there is even a slight problem in the machine then it can ruin the leather.



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