What Is An Overlocking Sewing Machine?

How To Use it 

An overlocker is useful when stitching baby clothes. It makes sewing a lot more fun once mastered and you will be finishing the hems in no time like a professional.


Overlockers were originally used in industrial sewing venues and not long ago, they were only for commercial use. But now, they are available to nearly everyone.


It is used for serging garment panels and for overedge stitches. It is also used to create ruffles, decorative edges and gathers; join laces; serge narrow sleeves, spaghetti straps, and more.


It has a built-in cutting device (knife) that cuts fabric edges. Its seam width is adjustable. Stitch density can be changed in these machines. Safety stitch can be sewn by these.

What does it do?

An overlocker’s primary function is to clean finish a raw edge, giving one’s project a professional appearance. They are the perfect tools for seaming knit fabrics.

Features to look for when buying one

• There should be ease in threading the loops • There should be differential feed • There should be accessory feet included for cheaper cash out • An LCD screen should be installed in it

Overlocking Machine For Outside Curves

1. Take the fabric and put it under the foot 2. Use your one hand to feed the fabric to the machine and guide it gently at the curves 3. Be careful and focus on the blade because it can cut the excess fabric, so you should make sure that you don’t go off the edge

Overlocking Machine For Inside Curves

1. You need to be more careful as it contains very small space to sew 2. Make sure the edge is straighten along with the blade in line to sew 3. Then take the edge of the cloth and pull it straight 4. Make sure your fabric is close to the blade when sewing

I believe you found this article useful. Remember to look out for the mentioned features before buying one.



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