What Is An A-Line Dress 

An A-line dress is like a skirt that widens towards the hem but is fitted at the hips. This dress provides the impression of the shape of the capital A that’s why it is known as an A-line dress. Lets’ discuss this dress more in this guide!

Details of A-line Dre

A-line dress can have long, mid, or short lengths. The choice of sleeves is yours as it can be sleeved, straps and sleeveless. You can make a V-neck with this dress. For adding more details, beading can be done to it.

The most common type of A-line dresses are for-fitted in the bodice and flare out at your waistline. It results in creating a triangle shape which is similar to the capital letter A. This dress is designed to emphasize a narrow waist, bust line, and wider hips.

Common Type of A-Line Dresses 

History of A-Line Dre

A-line dress is in fashion since 1955 and was introduced by a French fashion designer named Christian Dior. He released his collection whose name was The A-line Collection where this collection included flared skirts paired with cinched waists.


Characteristics of A-Line Dress

We know that every dress has little and deep details. When it comes to A-line dress, it is the one that features hemlines ranging in length from full skirts to ending above your knees. The neckline could be of any design. Details of this dress are as follows:

It is a dress that has a narrow fit near the top of the dress for creating the point of the letter a. It is fitted up top either at the shoulders or remaining fitted from the shoulders to the natural waist before creating a fare known as a fitted bodice. 

Fit In The Shoulders or Waist 

Flare Toward The Hem 

For creating a classic design, this dress needs to flare out as they move toward the bottom hem. This dress can flare out from the waist or the shoulders for creating a wide bottom shape.


Some necessary information about the A-line dress has been provided in this guide. No doubt, it adds value to your personality when you wear this triangle shaped dress.