What Is A Fat Quarter

A pre-cut piece of the quilting fabric is known as the fat quarter. This piece is 18 inches high and about 22 inches wide. It becomes a nice grab-sized fabric when you fold it. A fat quarter is made from medium or lightweight fabrics. Here we will provide every necessary information about a fat quarter.

Fat Quarter In CM 

If we take a fat quarter in cm then it is 46cm high and 56cm wide, and this is its perfect size. Fat quarters are also found in sizes 50 x 55cm by UK or Australian fabric companies. It is because they do not cut per yard of fabric, but they cut 4 fat quarters per meter.

Fat Quarters In Yard

When we talk about fat quarters in a yard, there are about 4 fat quarters in a single yard. It is like cutting 4 equal pieces from 1 yard of fabric. Here the fat quarter will not be square in shape, it will be rectangular due to the fabric’s 44-45 inch width.

Are All Fat Quarters Same 

When it comes to similarity, all the fat quarters are a little bit different in each country. It is because of their style. Such as, the fat quarter of Australia is a little wider than the fat quarter of the US because in Australia fabric is measured by a meter of 1.1 yards. 

Fat Quarter And Quarter Yard Of Fabric

You will be thinking about whether a fat quarter and a quarter yard of fabric are the same or not. Well, both of them have the same surface area but if you focus on their shapes, they are different. The measurement of a fat quarter is typically 22x18’’.

Uses Of Fat Quarters 

Fat quarters are used by people in various ways. One of the most common uses of there is quilting. Other than that, fat quarters are used for creating sewing projects such as dresses, scarves, cushions, skirts, and home accessories.

Fabric For Fat Quarters 

The fabric recommended for the fat quarter is medium or lightweight. The most common fabrics that are used now are polycotton and cotton. It is because these fabrics are versatile. They are easy to sew even for beginners, and are best for quilting.

This was a complete informational guide about fat quarters. We tried to cover as much information as we could. We hope this information played a vital role in enhancing your knowledge.