What Does An Overlocker Do

Sewing Guide

An overlocker plays a very important role in giving the fabric a good finish. The main function of this machine is to cut the raw edges of cloth.

Function Of An Overlocker

An overlocker is a machine that is used to give the seam a professional finish. It encases the raw edge of the fabric with an overcast stitch and takes about two or dozen threads for it.

Speed of stitches and loopers

Normal machines are available at different speeds but all of the overlocking machines offer about 1700 stitches per minute or above. It does not consist of a bobbin or a single needle, a cutting blade is installed in it called ‘’loopers’’ and consists of multiple needles.

For Which Purpose You Can Use Overlocking Machine

• To make swimwear such as napkins, T-shirts, etc • End raw edges and hem • Seam Finishing • For decorating garments • For adding a ruffle to home décor items

Worth buying or not

If you are a regular or a professional sewist then it would be worth buying an overlocking machine. If you limited time to sew then it is not worth purchasing an overlocking machine because it is an expensive machine.

Pros Of Overlocking Machine

The overlocking machine is a very useful machine when it comes to giving the fabric a clean look by cutting out the extra fabric at the edges. With this machine, you can finish a project in a small amount of time without facing any difficulty.

Cons Of Overlocking Machine

An overlocking machine is very expensive and comes in different qualities which makes it difficult to buy a perfect machine. It is not so easy to use this machine; you may ruin the cloth with a slight mistake. An occasional sewer may face some problems due to this machine.

Well, the main function of overlocking is very simple, but the thing which differentiates them is their performance.  There are many benefits and bad things in this machine but they all depend on the user.



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