What Do I Need To Make T-shirts At Home

Whether it’s winter or summer, t-shirts look good. You can wear t-shirts alone or with some other shirt. The T-shirts are great in each way but they are expensive. Everybody can’t afford these beautiful shirts. So, here we will tell you how you can make attractive t-shirts easily at home.

Gather The Tool

First of all, you need to gather all the necessary tools. These tools include a pencil, ruler, tailor’s shears, seam ripper, air erasable marker or tailor’s chalk, lots of pins, jersey cotton fabric, matching cotton thread, a fitted t-shirt for design, and a plain paper roll.

There are different types of fabrics available in the market but you need to buy the fabric carefully. Make sure you buy lightweight fabric in which you feel comfortable. Some of the best fabrics for t-shirts are spandex, tri-blends, poly-cotton blend, and other polyester fabrics.

Fabric To Choose

Make A Pattern 

Now, it is time to make a pattern for your shirt. It depends on you whether you buy a sewing pattern from the store or make a pattern by yourself. We will recommend you make the pattern by yourself.



Make sure you match your well-fitted t-shirt of yours with the pattern. Ensure that the size perfectly fits your body and is not too small or big.

Place the well-fitted t-shirt of yours on plain paper and start tracing it, but don’t trace the arms. Now, fold the arms and trace the stitch that is joining the arms. Then cut this trace and create an identical trace for the back of the shirt but keep the neckline a little lower this time.

Trace The Shirt

Cut The Fabric

Once tracing is over, take the fabric and start cutting pieces just like you cut the paper. Now you will have different pieces of shirt that are front, back, and sleeves. 

Sew The Piece

After cutting the fabric, it is time to sew all the pieces of fabric. Make sure you sew the pieces perfectly and carefully because a slight mistake can ruin the fitting of the shirt.

This was a simple guide in which we explained some steps that will help you in making a good-looking t-shirt easily at home. We hope this guide will help you in completing this task.