Sewing Different Types of Collar - 8 Trending Styles

Collar is the main component of a shirt, it determines the style and look of a shirt. So, it is very important to choose the right collar for your shirt. In this guide you know about sewing different types of collar.

The Peter Pan Collar

In a peter pan color its two sides meet at a c-front, or you can add a zipper closure at the back. You can also leave the color without making an opening if it is large enough to pass the head. The peter pan collar actually consists of rounded corners.

The stand-up collar is a simple type of collar, it is like a simple band which you can overlap at the front or not.

Stand-up Collar

Bermuda Collar

This type of collar is a flat collar, it does not consist of rounded corners but it consists of a center front with a square edge.

Tab Collar


The tab collar is a collar for a men's shirt, there is a tab in it which is used for fastening the tie knot between the points of the shirt and the buttons of the collar.

This type of collar consists of square corners and is a notched collar. This type of collar is used in girls' dresses. 

Revers Collar

Flat Collar

The flat collar are just like their name, they lies close to the garment at neckline

Turtleneck Collars

The turtleneck collars are high and remain around the neck. This type of collar is usually worn under a wool sweater. Traditionally, turtleneck collars are used in the winter season as they keep the neck warm.

Mandarin Collars

These types of collars are inspired from chinese and are well-known because of their standing charm. The mandarin collar looks curved or squared in shape from the front, and provides a structured and close fitting to a shirt.


There are endless types of collars for both men and women, they are chosen according to the choice of design of the garment. These were some of the most common collars used by people because they provide a neat and amazing look to the garment.