6 Teddy Bear Patterns

Teddy bears are one of the most liked toys by kids, they are also placed in rooms for improving their beauty.  Due to their huge importance, teddy bears are expensive. Here we will share the best teddy bear sewing patterns with you. Make sure you cover all the patterns.

Classic Teddy With Bow

This teddy bear sewing pattern is very simple to make. The amazing thing about it is that it looks attractive even if it is a simple one. It is made with a smooth fabric of the color grey. You can make it as fluffy as you want. It comes with a pink bow that increases its beauty.

The size of this wool teddy bear is 9.5 inches, its color is pure white. This teddy bear is made from the fabric wool as it is a smooth fabric. The ears, nose, hands, and feet are made of a flower-printed fabric.

White Wool Teddy Bear

Faux Fur Teddy Bear

The faux fur teddy bear pattern is one of the most liked patterns because it is the most fluffiest and attractive one. It comes in light brown. The hands, nose, eyes, and feet are made of dark brown fabric. Faux fur is used for making it. You can add a blue bow for increasing its beauty.

Vintage Style Patchwork Teddy Bear


For making this attractive teddy bear pattern you will not even need to buy a new fabric. Just use your old clothes to make the patchwork-style memory bear. Its eyes are made of buttons. It comes with embroidered nose and upright ears. A bow can be added for beauty.

This bear sewing pattern is easy to sew and is best for kids. For this pattern, you only need ¼ yard of plush Minky fabric. The size of this teddy bear is 12 to 14 inches. The nose, eyes, and smile are embroidered on it. You can also embroider a red heart on its chest if you like.

Minky Teddy Bear 

Mini Teddy Bear

The mini teddy bear pattern is easy to sew and is best when you don’t have enough fabric. The size of this teddy bear is 5 inches. You can use any fabric you want of any color. Its eyes are made of beads, while the mouth and nose are embroidered.


Some of the best teddy bear patterns we could find are given above. We hope you like these teddy bear patterns and will use them in your next project.