10  Free Sewing Patterns for Kids Swimsuits?

Sewing swimsuits of different patterns for your kids is fun as it is very easy and attractive. If you are looking forward to some free sewing patterns for kids swimsuits then here are some of the most attractive sewing patterns for you.

Ruffle Arms Swimsuits

This sewing design is for girls swimsuits, you can add the arm ruffles on a swimsuit. It makes the swimsuit more attractive. It also protects the shoulders of your kids from getting sunburn.

Bow Back

The bow back sewing design of a swimsuit is also so appreciable, the bow included at the prevents the shoulder straps of the swimsuit from falling down. Moreover, it looks very cute and beautiful on kids.

Elastic Sewn Swimsuit

The openings of this swimsuit are elastic sewn to all the edges, it covers the shoulders of a kid properly without letting him/her sunburned. For stitching it you can use a coverstitch machine or a topstitch machine with a double needle

The Racer Back Swimsuit

This sewing design of swimsuit can be made from any fabric which you like but it should be lightweight or medium weight. The racer back design looks very decent and beautiful on kids.

Bow And Ruffles

You can add ruffles on the shoulders to and on the legging, the ruffles provide a cute look to the swimsuit and also protects the kid from sunburns. The bow added at the collar makes it more beautiful and perfect for a kid.

Superhero Swimsuit

The sewing pattern of superheroes is the most liked by the kids. You can take a fabric with the printing of a superhero  logo or colors and then simply sew it. It looks cute on kids and they also love to wear it.

Two Piece Ruffle Swimsuit

This swimsuit consists of two pieces, it is a high waisted bikini with a top and a bottom. To make it look more attractive you can add ruffles at both top and bottom.

Peekaboo Pattern

If you are more concerned about the skin  of your kid then this sewing pattern is best for you. This swimsuit has full sleeves which protects both shoulders and arms from sunburn.

Leotard Swimsuit

This sewing pattern of swimsuits is one the most attractive and simple, you can save a lot of money by sewing this pattern. This sewing pattern consists of no sleeves and leggings but the shoulders are protected.

Board Shorts

This swimsuit sewing pattern is for boys, in this pattern you have two different length options which are short and long. You can also add in-seam pockets, drawstring, or liner if you want.

There are uncountable sewing patterns for girls but not so much for boys. So, some of the most attractive and cute looking swimsuit sewing patterns have been elaborated above. We hope you would like them.