15+ Tips for Sewing Swimsuits You’ll Love

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If you want to sew swimsuit patterns and are a beginner in this work then it would be necessary to know essential tips as they can help you a lot in your project. Well, sewing swimsuits is not so difficult but it is difficult to find the right supplies, techniques, etc.

In a swimsuit the fabric plays a vital role, you cannot use natural fibers such as linen or cotton for sewing it because they are good absorbent of water and get waterlogged. The right fabric for a swimsuit is spandex and nylon as it is a stretchy fabric and does not absorb water

Buy The Right Fabric


The lining also plays an important role in a swimsuit, lining refers to how much the fabric sits against your skin. The more lining of a swimsuit the more it provides stability and support. You can add nylon lining or you can use power mesh to add lining to your swimsuit.  

Get The Best Lining


Elasticity is a very important thing in a swimsuit, while choosing the elastic make sure you don't choose standard polyester elastic. It is because it cannot hold on to salt and chlorine. It would be better to use chlorine-resistant cotton or rubber elastic.

Prefer Rubber Elastic


If the swimsuit is not according to the right measurement it can cause many problems, so it would be better if you just pay attention to the height of your pattern and accordingly adjust the lines.

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Get The Right Measurements


As we know swimsuits are very slippery which makes it difficult to cut or sew it. While cutting the fabric, make sure that its printed side is facing up. It helps you to be precise about its pattern. You can get more accurate results if you cut the pieces on a single layer.

Cut Fabric Pieces Correctly


A huge difference is made by the type of needle you use for sewing, if you use the wrong needle it can result in many problems such as skipped stitches. So, it is very important to use a stretch needle that is suitable for the type of fabric.  

Get The Right Needle


If you are thinking that you can sew the whole swimsuit with only a regular sewing machine then you are wrong. You will also need to use a serger for the inside seams of the swimsuit as it provides stretch stitches. And stretch stitches are very important for a stretch fabric.

Stretch Stitches


The pins you use also matter a lot because if you use low-quality pins then there are chances that they make holes in the fabric. I would suggest you use ballpoint pins if you want to prevent any holes or snags in the fabric.

Get The Best Pins


If you want that the swimsuit settles well on the body then make sure that you don't pull or stretch the fabric while sewing it. It is because stretching or pulling distorts the shape of the swimsuit and also lessens its stretchiness.

Do Not Pull The Fabric While Sewing


For sewing swimsuits use thread that is capable of holding salt and chlorine. Using the wrong thread can affect the fabric by skipping stitches even if you are using the right needle. Using a woolly nylon thread to sew is a great choice as it provides an extra stretch.

Use The Right Thread


If you are thinking of ironing the stretch fabric then you are wrong, it is because the stretchy fabric usually starts to melt on ironing. You can just press the fabric with your fingers to straighten it.

Do Not Iron The Fabric


The pieces of a swimsuit are small and can cause you any injury while cutting them with a normal cutter. To ensure your safety while cutting the fabric you should use a rotary cutter.

Choose A Rotary Cutter


A slight mistake while cutting a swimsuit can make it awful, such as when you wash a shirt its side seams start to twist around your body. It happens because the cutting is done correctly. If you want to prevent any of this make sure to cut the fabric correctly.

Cut Carefully


Well, sewing a swimsuit is a very easy task but still, you need to practice first before sewing it if you are a beginner. It is because practicing makes you perfect in any work, the more you practice the more you can do it better.

Practice, Practice, Practice


Even the straps stay on the dry land but still you need to put a little elastic in the straps. It prevents them from falling when wet.

Always Put Elastic In The Straps


Well, it is easy to sew a swimsuit but it is not a task that can be done quickly. You need to do this task calmly by taking your time to make sure that you don't make any mistakes.

Do not Cut Or Sew In Hurry


If you want your swimsuit to last for a long time then you must wash it after swimming. Even if you have used the best quality material or fabric, it can still affect swimsuits’ lifespan because of salt, chlorine, and sun exposure.

Wash The Swimsuit After Swimming



Sewing swimsuits looks very easy but most people ruin this project by making slight mistakes such as ironing it, using the wrong needles or threads, etc. Make sure you follow the given tips while sewing your swimsuit to avoid any problems.