View Top 5 Simplicity Sewing Patterns 

If you take a look at simplicity sewing patterns, you will be confused because there are numerous sewing patterns available. Here we will ease your pain and tell you about the best simplicity sewing patterns that we can find. So, make sure you read this guide till the end.

Women’s Coat or Jacket

This women’s coat sewing pattern is one of the easiest and most attractive one. This coat is made from a heavy, thick, and warm fabric that makes sure you do not feel cold. Pockets at each side are available. It is a long coat whose length is near the feet.

Flowers Women’s Dress 

The flower women’s dress is the best because it suits well on both healthy and skinny women. This dress is a bit tight. It is made from a stretchy fabric with a print of flowers on it, and that’s what gives it a great look. It is a half sleeve dress with a small neck size.

Women’s Jacket With Belt

This simplicity sewing pattern is one of the simplest patterns. It is a simple jacket in the color pink. It contains one pocket on each side. It is open from the front but can be closed with the help of a tie belt. It looks great on women and can be worn at home or at a party.

Men’s Cargo Pants 

You will surely love the sewing pattern of men’s cargo pants. These pants are made of smooth fabric. You can choose any color you want. This pant comes with 1 pocket on top at each side and 1 middle pocket on each side. This looks great on men and can be worn with any shirt.

Girl’s Skirt Pattern

This skirt sewing pattern looks great on girls. The length of this skirt is above the knees. It is a sleeveless skirt with two shoulder stripes to hold it. It is a simple skirt but the addition of two beautiful bows at the top of the skirt makes it eye-catching.


Here we have told about the best simplicity sewing patterns. We hope you like these patterns and will use them in your upcoming sewing projects. 



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