8 Tips for Handling Errors When Sewing Round Collars

It is hard to sew a round collar; most people get frustrated just because of this problem. If you are also facing this problem then there is good news for you. Some of the most useful tips for handling errors when sewing round collars are explained below.

Under Collar

For sewing a perfect round collar you can use an under collar, you just need to put it under the collar but make sure it is not smaller than the collar. After placing it you can easily sew a perfect round collar.


Interfacing the collars is very important, if you interface at the right area it will not only provide a neater finish but will also make your sewing smooth. So make sure you interface the under collar to sew a round collar easily.


Pinning is also a crucial step, if you are using too many pins to hold the fabric then it's fine but you need to be careful that you don’t wing it. If you even make a slight mistake and skip pinning the fabric, then it can slip and you will not get any neatness.

On Grain

If there are any lines on the collar or anything which can give you details about sewing it, then make sure that the collar of the garment is placed perfectly on the grain including the thread and print of the fabric.

Pivot Points

Before pinning the upper and under pieces of the fabric make sure you mark the pivot points with the help of a seam gauge or a fabric pen. It will help you for an accurate turning while sewing.

Note When Turning Corners

When you are turning around the corner make sure you check the pivot mark when you are close to it. It is very necessary to land on the right mark to get the round corner.

Roll The Seam

You should roll the seam to the underside of the collar while you are pressing the seam flat. When the size of the under collar is small then this happens on its own, but it does not happen on its own then you would have to trim the neck curve.

Sewing a round collar is a tricky task but it can be done easily with the help of some tips given above.These were the most important points which should be kept in mind when sewing a collar.