14 FREE Sewing Patterns For Children Under The Age Of 10

If you want to sew for your kids and want to find the best sewing patterns for them, then this is the right place. There are many sewing patterns available for the kids but some of the best sewing patterns are explained here, make sure you read till the end.

Tank Top Dress

If you are looking for a sewing pattern best for summer then it is a great choice. This sewing pattern is for girls' dresses. This sewing pattern features a skirt with button closure.

Hooded Sweatshirt

This sewing pattern is for boys, it is a sweatshirt combined with a hood. It is a super simple and attractive sweatshirt. It provides a marble look of the knit which looks amazing, it is better to use lightweight fabric to make the kid feel relief from all weight and bulk.

Sleeveless Wrap Top

This sewing is best for any kid under the age of 10; the design of this top is like a cross-over. It is sleeveless and consists of a button closure on the sides. While sewing this pattern, it would be better to use lightweight fabric like quilting, linen, etc.

Leggings With Elastic Waistbands

It is a sewing design for the legging of kids with an elastic waistband. It would be a better fit if you keep the lower rise in front and the higher rise at the back. The fabric that suits this sewing design is a lightweight or medium-weight knit fabric with a 4-way stretch.

Flutter Sleeve

The flutter sleeve T-shirt is best for kids to wear, and is a great sewing design for lightweight shirts. The flutter sleeve on a shirt provides it with an attractive look and also creates a great focal point. If you are a beginner then it is the right project for you as it is very easy.

Long Sleeve  T-Shirt

The sewing design of a long sleeve T-shirt is best for winters; it is very easy and simple to sew even for beginners. You just need to buy a good-looking fabric that suits the kid and start sewing. Although it is very simple but looks attractive.

Harem Pants

If you want simple and fancy pants in your kid’s wardrobe then Harem Pants would be the best choice. You will need only a 1/4 – ½ yards of jersey fabric and elastic.

Nico Dress Pattern

If you are looking for kids' sewing patterns for summer then Nico would fit right in. It is a sleeveless bias-cut dress and top, the sides of Nico are bust darts and a scoop neckline. It slips easily over the head and does not need any closure.

Summer Nightie

It is a great design for kids’ nighties in summer; it is extremely comfortable and should be made using lightweight fabric.

Ruffle Shorts

The ruffle sleeve dress patterns are best for kids, they should be made of lightweight fabric. These shorts make the kid feel comfortable and easy. You can add pockets to it for styling.

Knit Top Tank

A knit Top Tank is a great sewing design for kids, it is like a sweater but it does not contain sleeves. It normally consists of a low-cut neckline.

Pillowcase Dress Pattern

Well, a pillowcase dress is made from cases of the pillow. It sounds a bit weird but the look of this dress is very attractive. The only thing you need to do is to take a pillowcase and cut its top two corners. It would create a neckline for a ribbon, and the dress is ready.

Short Skirt Pattern

A short skirt is a very easy sewing design and looks amazing on kids. It is a skirt whose hemline is above the knees. It is generally above the thigh and its maximum length is 10cm below the buttocks.

Ruffle Sleeve Dress

The ruffle sleeve dress is very easy and simple to make, ruffle in this dress refers to a decorative frill of lace that is used to embellish or trim the neck or wrists. When you apply this strip of fabric to your kid's dress it becomes a ruffle sleeve dress.

After all these, there are still many better looking sewing designs for kids than you can imagine. These were some of the most used and easiest sewing designs which can be done easily even by beginners.