6 Sewing Patterns For Bow Ties   

A bow tie provides a glamorous look to a person. People mostly find excuses to wear a bow tie because it increases the beauty of the dress. You can get incredible bow ties from shops but they can be very expensive. So, we have got the best sewing patterns for bow ties for you. 

Simple Bowtie

If you have a sewing machine then to sew a simple bowtie you just need a fabric of ¼ yards. With this fabric, you can make 2 bow ties. This pattern is very simple to sew and looks gorgeous.

An adjustable bowtie looks incredible and is very useful as it can be adjusted in any size according to your dress. This pattern looks great on boys of all ages whether they are teens or adults. You can pick an ideal color to match your outfit to get an attractive look.

Adjustable Bowtie

Mix Match Bowtie

A mix-match bowtie can be made in any combination of colors, but make sure they contrast well. It is a unique bowtie pattern that looks great on both younger ones and older ones. They give an eye-catching and gorgeous look.

Free Bowtie 


If you have less time and need a gorgeous bowtie for yourself or your kid then this is the best. For this sewing pattern, you can use any kind of lightweight fabric. It may not be as stunning as others but looks gorgeous.

This is the best sewing pattern for bowties that can be worn on any occasion. The best thing about this pattern is that it settles well and gives a handsome look. If we recommend then the best fabric to use is silk as it is lightweight and elegant.

Fabric Bowtie

Dog Bowtie 

Sewing a bowtie for your dog is one of the easiest tasks. You just need to take your desired fabric and sew it. Make sure you do not keep the bow too large as it will disturb the dog. A small bowtie will feel like an ordinary collar to your dog but will give a gorgeous look.


A Bowtie is a thing that completes a suit. It gives a beautiful and eye-catching look to you. So we hope you would have liked the sewing patterns of bowties explained above, and you will use them.