sewing machine part

We all know the importance of sewing machines in the garment manufacturing industry. Sewing machines help a lot in manufacturing garments and giving them a neat look. Here we will tell you about all the important parts of the sewing machine and their function.

Foot Pedal

The foot pedal is an important part of the sewing machine that is used to control its speed. The speed depends on the force exerted on it.

Power Cord And Switch 

The power cord plays an important role because the electricity is supplied to the machine through it, for a constant power supply the power cord must be connected tightly to the machine. And the power switch installed on the machine is used to switch it ON and OFF.


The hand wheel in a sewing machine is used for slowly raising and lowering the sewing needle, it helps in providing better control for positioning the fabric under the needle. A clutch is installed inside the wheel that avoids the needle from moving up and down when pulled out.

Feed Dog

The feed dog is a teeth-like metal that is located underneath the plate. The purpose of feeding dogs is to feed the fabric under the needle. It pulls the fabric in discrete steps between stitches. Feed dogs need to be configured according to the project you are working on.

Needle Clamp

The needle clamp is a part of the sewing machine that holds the needle and makes sure it remains steady in its place while sewing.

Needle Plate

A needle plate is a big plate located below the needle. The purpose of the needle plate is to prevent the fabric from going down into the machine. Needle plates vary on the type of machine. Some needle plates also have measurements inscribed on them.

Bobbin Winder

A bobbin winder is located at the top-right corner of a sewing machine. The function of a bobbin winder is the same as its name. It is used to wind thread to the bobbin.

A sewing machine contains numerous parts, so we cannot cover each part. In this guide, we have explained the important parts of a sewing machine. We hope this information was helpful to you.