7 Tips for Sewing Machine Maintenance

A sewing machine is a machine that is nearly used for hours in a day. It may not require any rest but it does need to be cleaned from time to time. Whether you are using an old or a modern sewing machine, you must care about its maintenance.

Cover The Machine 

The biggest enemy of the sewing machine is dust, it can nearly destroy the machine. So, make sure whenever you stop using it, you cover it. You can use a dust cover or any piece of cloth. It will keep your sewing machine neat and clean.

As we know, needles play an important role in sewing, but they can also ruin your sewing project if you will not change them regularly. A needle gets dull after constant use, and dull needles can result in looped thread pulling in the fabric, skipped stitches, and damage to the machine.

Change Needle

Remove Lint

Whenever you complete a sewing project on your sewing machine, make sure you give it a thorough cleanse. It will help you remove all the lint and keep the machine in shape. The compressed air can be used to do the job, but make sure you keep it 4 inches away from the machine while cleaning lint.

Annual Service


Even if take full care of the sewing machine at home, it is very important to get it serviced for at least after a year. We would highly recommend you annual servicing whether your sewing machine is expensive or cheap.

A sewing machine is made of metal, and the metals get sturdy after some time. So, it is very important to oil your sewing machine regularly. It will not only extend the life of the sewing machine but will also run it smoothly.

Oiling The Machine

Wipe Down The Sewing Machine

If you want to keep your sewing machine in the best position ever at home, then make sure you wipe it down after every use. It will clean all the unnecessary dirt and will prevent it from building over the machine. Before wiping the machine, make sure it is unplugged.

A sewing machine is an expensive machine, so everyone wants to extend its life but for that maintenance is very important. Some best maintenance tips are given above, we hope you will follow them and keep your sewing machine in its best shape.