Sewing Patterns For Women's Bathrobes

If you are unable to find an attractive bathrobe from the market for yourself or don’t want to waste your money on it, then don’t worry. We have got some of the best sewing patterns for women’s bathrobes which you will surely like.

Plain White

This is an attractive and simple women’s bathrobe. It does not consist of any design or new style. You just need to take a plain white fabric and sew it into a bathrobe. For improving its beauty you can add two pockets at the front of the bathrobe.


The dotted sewing pattern of women’s bathrobes is one of the most attractive and simple to make. It is an eye-catching design that looks well whether you are fat or not. Take a dotted fabric, and then simply sew it into a bathrobe.


This sewing pattern is a common one, the look of this pattern when you wear it is so gorgeous. The market costs too much for this pattern but you can make it at home easily. Take the but in large amounts, then sew it in a normal bathrobe, but its size should be large.


This sewing pattern is one of the famous ones for women because it consists of beautiful flowers. You can take any fabric with a print of small flowers on it, the color we would recommend you fabric is pink. Then simply sew it into a simple bathrobe.

Up from knees

This bathrobe sewing pattern is a stylish one. It is an eye-catching pattern which you will surely like. This bathrobe sewing pattern is not long enough. It is higher than the knees of the wearer which looks quite stylish. The arms of the bathrobe are also not long enough in this design.

Touching The Ground

This sewing pattern for women’s bathrobes is also a stylish one. This bathrobe is not oversized but it is long enough that it touches the ground from the back. The look of this bathrobe is quite impressive.

There are numerous sewing patterns for women’s bathrobes, but we did some research and found some of the most famous sewing patterns for you. We hope you like them and will use them in your early projects.