Nightgown Sewing Pattern - These 7 in trending

Nightgowns are the dresses which women wear at night before going to sleep. These dresses are usually loose so they can sleep unirritated. It is your choice whether you buy these dresses or make them at home. Here are some nightgown sewing patterns for you.

Pink Flower

This is one of the best nightgown sewing pattern. It is very easy to make at home. For it, you just need a white cloth with prints of pink flowers, as the contrast of pink and white is attractive. Make sure you keep the dress loose as it is a nightgown.

This is also an eye-catching sewing pattern of nightgowns. For creating it, you just need a cloth of christmas print on it. Then you need to cut it and sew it into a simple nightgown. You can keep it sleeveless or with sleeves.


Shiny Black Wiht Tie Strip

This nightgown sewing pattern is the most simple one and can easily be created at home. You just need to take full black fabric, if its shiny black then it will give a great look. Then you need to attach tie strips at the back. This will increase the beauty of the nightgown.

Long Nightgown


It is a new nightgown sewing pattern, this sewing pattern is rarely made or found on the shops. In this pattern the nightgown is usually long and touches your feet covering the whole legs. It looks great when you walk. 

It is also an attractive nightgown and more comfortable than others. This nightgown is usually short and comes above the knees. You can choose any color for making this nightgown, but make sure to use a light fabric.

Short Nightgown

Oval Neck Nightgown

In this sewing pattern nightgowns you can choose any color or fabric. You need to sew the nightgown with an oval neck. You can keep the sleeves short or long but it should not be sleeveless. And it should be below your knees. 


These were some of the best nightgown sewing patterns we chose for you. We hope you liked these nightgown sewing pattern free and will use them next time.