How to Make A Leg Warmer in 1 Minute  - 8 Steps

Leg warmers are used by people to keep their legs warm in winter. It is very hard for you to get a leg warmer from a shop but even if you do find one, it will be expensive. You will surely not want to waste your money, just follow these steps and make one at home.

Trace The Leg

First, you need to take the craft or butcher paper and trace your leg using a pen on it. Make sure you keep your foot flexed so the trace comes as a straight line. This will be used as the fold line for the pattern.

Then, take the highest point where the end will approximately be, draw a straight line there and then fold the paper down this line.

Draft Straight Line For Fold

Square Top Of Pattern

Focus on the top of the design line and then draw a perpendicular line to the fold across it. For increasing the scrunch in the leg warmers you should add about 5 inches of height.

Final Design Line


Now, it is time to give a final touch to the design you just made. You can make any changes to that design according to your choice. You can decrease its height to make it tighter, and increase its height to make it loose.

Once you are done with the design, it is time to cut the fabric according to that design. Make sure you cut the fabric according to the design you made.


Pin And See

Before sewing, we would suggest you pin it and see whether the size is correct or not. It is because you can make changes before sewing but there is no chance after sewing.

Prepare The Sewing Machine

Most people do not prepare their sewing machine before sewing and end up with a problem. To avoid any problems make sure the sewing machine is threaded, the needle is not bent, the thread tension is set, etc.


Once everything is ready, it is time to sew. Remove all the pins you added, then sew the fabric. Make sure you do not make any mistakes while sewing and sew according to the design.


These were the simple steps through which you can easily make a leg warmer at home. You do not need some extra materials. The only things needed are a sewing machine and a warm stretchy fabric.