Difference between Left handed and Right handed scissors

When you want a pair of scissors, you have to consider this difference. That is their color. Green is mostly left and blue is probably right. But what if we let you know that this is the case that you probably never face. Nearly every time, the color has nothing to do with the difference between them.

A bit of awareness

When the marketers tell you that they have scissors that can be used by both kinds of people, they are just lying for their own profit.

The difference

The primary difference is the way the blades are connected. In a standard pair of scissors, when opened, the blade on the right goes up and the left one goes down. Turning the scissors over wouldn’t make any changes. It is the opposite for the left handed ones.

Does the difference matter?

Yes it does. When a left handed person uses a right handed pair, their vision of the line is blocked. As a result, you can’t cut out anything in the way you want.

Good news for left handed people

Nowadays, buying a left handed pair of scissors is pretty easy. So, you won’t be facing any problems anymore.

Good news for you

Now that you know the difference, you will be able to distinguish them easily and also help out others by spreading this information.

How to use a right handed scissors for left hands

When using right-handed scissors even after being left-handed, you should cut anti-clockwise and horizontally.

I believe you find this helpful. Remember to check the difference and telling it to others so that they can also not make this mistake.