How To Use A Sewing Machine

Today, many people want to learn how to use a sewing machine in easy steps. No doubt, there is no rocket science in it but you have to follow some steps and rules to use it. We have mentioned them in this guide. Let’s have a look at them!

Set Your Sewing Machine

The first step to using a sewing machine is to set it up first. For this purpose, you have to thread the machine, load a wound bobbin and catch the thread. No doubt, threading the needle is not a difficult task to perform.

Raise The Needle

Before start sewing the clothes, you have to first raise the needle of your sewing machine. It depends upon the type and model of your sewing machine either the needle can be raised by a button or a knob.

Place The Fabric To Be Sewn

The next step is to place the required fabric beneath the needle. After placing it correctly, you can start making your first line of stitches. Then lower the presser foot for keeping the fabric in place.

Use the Foot Pedal

The foot pedal is used for stitching. Press it harder to speed it up and lock your beginning stitches to keep them from unraveling. It would be best if you double up on the first few stitches before sewing forward.

Guide Your Fabric

The next step is to stitch a straight line and keep the fabric’s edge lined up with the seam allowance guideline of the sewing machine. The fabric will be pulled automatically by the machine. Then, lock your ending stitches by reverse-sewing the fabric.

Raise The Needle and Pull Out The Fabric

When you are done stitching the fabric, raise the needle and the presser foot up. At last, pull out the fabric from the machine. The thread will also be pulled out with the fabric, just cut it out using scissors.

Sewing clothes is not a difficult task, you just need guidelines to do it properly and efficiently. These easy steps will surely be helpful for you to sew clothes even if you are a beginner.