How To Use A Needle Threader in 7 Steps

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Threading a needle is very difficult and feels like a headache, that’s why most people prefer to use a needle threader. The needle threader helps you to easily thread the needle, it saves a lot of time and agony.

To thread a needle using the needle threader, first of all, you will need to take the needle in one hand and the needle threader in the other hand. Then you will have to pass the wire loop on the needle threader through the eye of the needle.

Insert The Wire Loop

Take both the needle and the needle threader into one hand of yours, and keep the loop of the wire through the eye of the needle on the needle threader. Then insert the thread on through the loop of wire.

Insert the Thread

Once you insert the thread through the loop of wire on the needle threader, you will need to pull the inserted thread from the other side. You should pull it a few inches such that you have at least a tail of some inches.

Pull The Thread

After pulling the thread passing through the loop of wire, you will need to take the tail of the thread and fold it so it meets the other thread. Then keep holding both of the lengths of the thread together.


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Fold And Hold

Now, pull the wire loop in the needle threader out of the eye of the needle, when holding both of the threads.

Pull The Wire Loop

To bring the tail end through you will need to pull the threader off the thread.

Pull The Needle Threader

Pull The Tail And Tie A Knot

Now, you will have to pull the tail end of the thread and make the lengths of the thread equal. Once they get equal, hold them and then tie a tight knot.


Most of the struggle hard when threading a needle but with the help of the needle threader you can easily thread a needle. All you need to learn how to use it, and you will not need any strong glasses or magnifying glasses.