How To Tie A Knot In Thread

Tying a knot is an essential skill for sewing, most people leave sewing at the initial stage just because of finding difficulty in tying a knot in the thread. Here are some different ways to tie a knot, check these out and choose the one which looks easy to you

Knot Using The Hands

Take the end of the thread and make two to three loops with your hand’s forefinger, after that twirl it using your thumb and make sure that it's mixed up. Then ease the loops of thread and pull it to tighten the knot

Bullion Knot Twirls

Take the thread end and bring it to face the eye of a needle, then start twirling it two or three times over the needle. Start to ease the coils of thread and bring the thread down slowly, it will start to get tight as you go down. Once you bring it all down, your knot is done

Loop Knot 

Fold the thread and match the two ends, take both of these ends and thread them through the needle. The other end of the thread will form a loop, then insert the needle from the back of the fabric. Now, pull the needle and slide it through the formed loop, here your loop knot is done.

Locking Knot

Thread the fabric about two or three times with the needle. After that, again thread the same place two times but this time make a loop. Bring the needle through this formed loop and start to tighten. After tightening you will have a strong stitch with an automatic knot.

The knot is the base of your sewing project, if it is not strong enough then the sewing results may not be great. So it is very important for you to master a type of knot. Some types of knots are explained here, you can choose any one which looks easy to you.