How To Thread A Sewing Machine in 10 Seconds

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The threading in a sewing machine can make stitches in your cloth. How to thread a sewing machine is not as difficult as it seems, it can be done by following some simple steps.

First of all, put the cotton on the spool located at top of the machine, it may be one lying down or an upright peg. Put the plastic disk of the machine on the top of the spool, it will help you to hold it in position.

Top Spool

Take a thread and pull it through the thread guide of your machine, the thread guide in most sewing machines is like a small button-like knob. After pulling the thread through the thread guide, pull it down towards the tension disc and loop it around it. 

Thread Guide And The Tension Knob

Take the thread and pull it back into the second thread guide, it will consist of the lever with an eyelet and is known as the take-up lever. When you will pass the thread from it then a U shape will be created by the thread.

Second Thread Guide

Then take the thread downwards to the needle that consists of any hook which can hold the thread.


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Needle Hook

After that, you need to thread the needle from the front and back. You can do it by passing the thread from the eye of the needle, you should keep pulling the thread until several inches of thread have passed through the needle.

Threading The Needle

For threading the sewing machine you also need to set up the bobbin, you can wind the bobbin by taking the thread to the top of the machine plate after passing it through the bobbin where the needles move.

Set The Bobbin

Catch The Thread

After setting both the top thread and the bobbin, you need to take these two threads and connect them. Now, lower the needle and then back it up again, this will help you catch the bobbin thread. Pass a ruler underneath the needle and grab both of the threads.


The knowledge of threading a sewing machine is very important and should be known if you are a regular sewist. It is because you cannot sew anything if you don’t thread the sewing machine.