How To Thread A Needle With A Needle Threader

If you are having trouble in threading the needle then you can use a needle threader, it is tool which consists of a wire threader that helps you to thread the needles. If you dont know how to use a needle threader then follow the steps given below.

Insert The Wire Loop

First of all take the needle threader in one hand and the needle in other, then use take the needle threader insert its wire loop through the needle's eye.

Insert The Thread

Now hold both the needle and needle threader only your one hand and keep the loop of needle threader inserted in the eye of the needle. Then take thread and insert it in the loop of the needle threader

Pull The Thread

Once you have inserted the thread through the loop of the needle threader, you will need to pull it through the needle threader and make sure you have atleast few inches of threads tail. 

Fold And Hold The Thread

The tail of the thread should be folded, so that its tail meets the other thread, then make sure hold both of these lengths correctly.

Pull The Loop

Once you have hold the threads correctly, start to pull the loop of the needle threader out from the eye of the needle. You can release the tail of the thread when the wire is out of the needle's eye. Then you can pull the needle threader off the the thread

Pull, Knot, and Sew

The tail of the thread should be pulled until both of the threads are equal in length, then hold these ends, tie a knot at that end, and you are ready to sew.

Most of the people face difficulty in threading the needle with needle threader but with these simple and easy steps through which you can thread a needle using a needle threader. Make sure you read and understand the steps clearly.