How To Sew On Pockets - Follow 6 Steps

Pockets play an important role in a garment, they make our life easier. In pockets, you can store your necessary small items such as mobile, wallet, etc. Other than that, most dresses also do not look good without pockets. In this guide, we tell you how you can sew pockets easily at home.

Gather The Tool

First of all, you need to gather all the things that you will need in the process. The necessary tools include: · Sewing pin · Scissor · Garment · Seam ripper ·  Chalk · Pattern · Fabric for pocket lining

Take the pocket fabric and fold it in half, then cut it to make two pocket pieces. You can use your template as a guide. Make sure the fabric you choose for the pocket is not extra bulky.

Cut Two Pocket Piece

Mark Pocket Placement

Use the chalk and mark the placement of the pocket on the front and back piece of the garment. In this process, you can take as much time as you need but make sure the placement is not wrong. This placement is where your pocket will sit.

Pin The Pocket

Take a piece of the packet and place it on the garment. The straight side of the pocket should be placed at the edge of the garment. Just like that place also place the other piece of pocket.

Now, once you have placed the pieces of pocket correctly, it is time to start stitching. The pocket should be stitched in place with a 3/8’’ seam allowance. A slightly smaller seam allowance is better because it won’t show the pocket.

Start To Stitch 

Pin And Sew Side Seam

Take the right sides of the garment and place them together. The pocket pieces should be turned away from the garment. Now, take the side seams and pin them together around the pocket pieces. Then simply sew the side seams.

Press And Flip

After sewing, the side seams press them well and turn the garment right side out. Now, your pockets have been sewn neatly inside and your garment is ready to be worn.


In this guide, we explained some simple and easy-to-follow steps for sewing the pocket on a garment. We hope this guide helped you in learning how to sew pockets.