How To Sew A Hole in 7 Steps

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Thread The Needle

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Tie Knot

Then take the end of the thread a tie a knot there, you can do it by wrapping that end around your fingers’ index and then roll it off from your finger. Make sure you pull the thread tightly.

Inside Out

To sew a hole it is very important turn the garment inside out, because it helps to hide to sewn area and the thread.

Push The Needle

While sewing a hole you just need to capture the top fibres of the fabric, so the needle should not be pushed all the way to the other side of the garment. You will need to push the needle close to the hole until it is stopped at your knot.

Cross The Thread

Then you should take the thread and cross it over the hole and the needle should be pushed through the fabric, and that point should be near the hole

Thread Back And Forth

To close the hole the crossing of thread should be continued back and forth in a straight line over the hole, but dont pull too tightly near the hole.


Once you are done with the crossing of thread, check the garment by turning it to make sure that the entire hole has been stitched.

Hole Not Patched

If you find the hole not being patched up properly then you can fix it by crossing the thread again.

Tie A Knot

It is very important to tie a knot, this can easily be done by creating a loop with the thread. After that, stick the needle through that loop, make sure you pull tightly to have a secure knot.

Holes in the garments normally happens to be seen, so it is very important for everyone to know how to sew these holes. All it takes is some techniques which are explained in this guide properly.