6 Tips to Sew A French Seam - Check out now!!

Sewing Guide

Using French seams to sew fabrics like silk and chiffon is a great choice as it won’t damage the fabric, but there is a technique of using French to get good results, to learn that technique follow the given steps.

01 -  Align And Pin

Take the right side of the fabric facing the outside and pin it with the seam, make sure you pin it perpendicular to the edges because it is easier to remove the pins this way.

02 - Machine Stitch At Half Seam Allowance

Apply a machine stitch from the edge of the seam at half of the seam allowance, normally a seam allowance is ½’’ but this stitch will be ¼’’.

03 -  Iron The Seam Allowance

At one side of the seam iron, the seam is allowed properly to give a sharp edge to the fabric.

Fold the seam properly so that the raw edge of the seam is walled between the two fabric layers, but you need to make sure that the wrong side of the fabric is facing outside otherwise it can be a problem.

04 - Pin And Fold It

To keep the fabric stable for final stitching you should pin the folded fabric horizontally.

05 -  Sew Half Seam Allowance

Use your sewing machine to stitch half of the total allowance, but make sure you do it from the edge of the fold. The total seam allowance is ½’’ but we need to sew half of the seam allowance which will be 1/4 ‘’, make sure you apply it away from the edge.

06 -  Iron The Final Seam

After completing the first and second stitch you will observe that a clear and clean finished surface at the back and right side of the seam will appear at a seam allowance of ½’’. To get a professional finish you just need to iron the excess fold at one side.