Sew A Beanie Hat In 10 Minutes 

A beanie hat is a beautiful hat that looks cute and suitable for any gender or age. It is a comfortable hat that people usually like to have. In this guide, we will explain how you can easily sew a beanie hat at home in only 10 minutes.

Cut A Rectangle

First of all, take the fabric and cut a rectangle from it. The length of the rectangle should be 22-24 inches, while the width should be according to your head size.

Then take the rectangle you just cut, and fold it in half lengthwise. You should pin it before sewing. Make sure you also leave an opening in the seam, so you can turn the hat right side out.

Fold The Rectangle

Prepare The Machine

As we know, the fabric of the beanie hat is stretchy so you can’t use the simple sewing machine settings for this purpose. So, first of all, prepare the machine by installing a ballpoint needle with a rounded tip.

Right Stitch And Thread 


Installing the right needle is not the only thing to do. You also need to choose the right stitch in your sewing machine. Now choose the stretch stitch in your sewing machine. After choosing a stitch choose a proper thread that matches the color of the fabric.

This is an important step. It is a little tricky and a crucial step. Take the two opposite corners on the top half and then swap them, and connect them to the bottom two.

Twisted Crown

Bottom Seam

Now, it is time to sew the bottom seam. Take the sandwich-shaped fabric and sew together the outer layers of it. After sewing, the top and bottom layers will be on the wrong sides. You need to sew them and then turn them.

Inner Layer

Now, the inner two layers will be unfolded and will become a part of the tube itself. Take this tube and sew it using 3/8 inch seam allowances. You should sew until you close the folded edge, and then pull the inner layers.

Turn Right Side Out And Decorate 

When you are all done with the sewing. Take the beanie hat and turn the right side out. After that align all the edges using an iron. You can also decorate the hat according to your wish.


These were some simple steps through which you can easily sew a beanie hat at home. We hope this guide was some help for you and now you will be able to sew a beanie hat easily.