5 Steps to Measure Sleeve Length

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Measuring your sleeve length is more than just knowing the length of your arm. The sleeve length of is taken time to take as its measurements are taken from different places such as shoulder to wrist, neck to shoulder, etc.

First of all, you need to find a shirt that fits your shoulders well, which means that the armhole seams of the shirt should rest at the edge of your shoulder.

Find A Well-Fitting Shirt

You need to take a measuring tape to measure the lengths, it would be better to get a fabric measuring tape. It is because the fabric measuring tape is easy to turn and gives proper measurement.

Measuring Tape

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Once you have got a fabric measuring tape, place the one end of it below the nape of your neck which is in line with your spine. Take the other end and place it on the top of the shoulder seam, and record all of these readings.

Start Measuring

Take one end of the fabric measuring tape and place it at the top of the shoulder seam, and place the other end at the break of your wrist or the wrist bone. Just as a shirt sleeve let the measuring tape end drape a bit.


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Measure From Shoulder To Wrist

While taking the measurements make sure you relax your arms and allow them to bend slightly. It is because if you don’t relax your shoulders then the measurement can be wrong, and your garments can be too short for the actual size.

Relax yourself

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Now consider all the measurements taken and add them together. The number in inches which will come after adding the measurements will be your actual sleeve length.

Add The Measurements


● Relax your body during measurements

● Always round up the measurement to a large size

● Get help from your friend

● Take a shirt that fits you perfectly


The size of the garments is a very sensitive thing, even a slight mistake can make big trouble for you. So, it is very important to take the measurements carefully and follow the necessary tips to have perfect-sized garments.