How To Make A Circle Skirt in 9 Steps

How to make a circle skirt is one of the most frequent question, there is no problem in asking this because making a circle skirt is a little difficulty. Well, there is nothing to worry now, just follow this guide till end and you will end up with a circle skirt.

Cut The Fabric 

First of all you will need to cut the fabric down, for this you will need to fold the fabric into fourths. Take a ¼ circle piece and then place it over the folds, and then start cutting the curved areas.

Take the elastic of the same size as of your waist, do not take any extra length for seam allowance as elastic tends to stretch.

Cut The Elastic

Waistband Piece

You should not simply fold the fabric under the skirt, but you should use a separate piece of the fabric for the waistband. It is because the concave and convex lines do not lay straight when folded.

Lenght of Waistband Piece


First measure the length of inner circle of the circle, then add about 5 inches in that measurement. That will the length of the strip you will need to cut from the fabric.

Suppose the width of the elastic you are using is 1-inch then the width of the strip should be 3.25.

Width of the Waistband Piece

Press The Long Edges

Then you will need to take the two long edges of the strip and press them over ¼ to the wrong side of the fabric. After that, take the entire thing and fold it in half, length-wise. And the waistband piece of the skirt is ready to go

Attach The Waistband Piece

For attaching the waistband piece starting from the wrong side of the skirt fabric would be better. It may seem wrong but as start the waistband will eventually fold to the right side of the skirt.

Sew The Waistband Piece

First sew the both ends of the waistband piece, sew it with a seam allowance of ¼. Then fold the skirt to the right side and pin it, but make sure that the edge of ¼ is tucked in. Start to sew the waistband completely but leave an opening of 2 inch.

Insert Elastic

Take the elastic and insert it by putting in into the first opening of the waistband and then take it out from the other opening side. Once the elastic is inserted, sew both of the openings and you are ready to wear your skirt.


Sewing a circle skirt may look difficult but you can easily make it with some little practice and technique. I hope you would have learned enough technique and you will also practice to make a circle skirt.