How To Knit A Sweater For A Newborn Baby 

Most people like to knit or sew their newborn kids’ dresses or sweaters themselves. If you are also one of them and want to learn how to knit a sweater for a newborn baby, this guide is surely for you. You will come to know something new here!

Create A Slipknot

When learning how to knit a sweater, you must know how to create a slip knot. It is considered the first cast-on stitch.

The next step is to measure the accurate size you want to sweater to be in. You have to cast on 3 stitches for this purpose.

Measure The Sweater Size 

Knit For 44 Row

Next, you have to knit for 44 rows where you have to place the needle with all of the cast-on stitches in the left hand and the empty needle in the right hand. Next, you have to insert the right-hand needle into the first cast and stitch, and then repeat.

Cast Off All The Stitche


When you complete the 44th row on the newborn baby sweater, you should go towards casting off your stitches. First, knit the first two stitches and then bring the first one over the second one. At last, knit one stitch and bring the first one over to the new second one. 

We suggest you keep on repeating the casting off all the stitches step to the end of the row. Then, you have to tie a knot through the last stitch to keep it secured. 

Secure the Stitche

Making Sweater Sleeve

If you want to make the sleeves of your kids’ sweater, you have to cast them on just like you did when making the other parts. For making the sleeves, you need 22 cast-on stitches if the sweater is meant to be for a newborn baby.

Assembling The Part

When you are done knitting all the parts of the sweater separately, the next thing is to assemble them. For this purpose, you have to place all the parts on a flat surface and lay out all the pieces in the form of a completed sweater, and sew them together.


Knitting a sweater is an art and technique which is fun to learn and practice. This guide has explained some important steps to follow when knitting a sweater for your newborn baby.