How To Iron On  Patches - 7 Steps

Patching the shirts or hoodies is very necessary and easy, it is necessary because it gives a great look and easy because a lot of flat fabric surface is available. Before starting to patch, make sure you do not iron the manufacturer’s tag.

Heat The Iron 

First of all, you will need to prepare your iron by heating it at a specific temperature. You can simply set the iron to straightener or set the heat to 270 F. In most home irons this option is considered the hottest and is described as ‘’Cotton’’ on the iron.

Before starting to iron the cloth for patching you should lay it on the ironing board and plan the design you want. You should find the right spot for ironing, for this purpose you can use a tailor’s chalk and a measuring tape. You should also make sure that all the measurements are correct.

Plan The Design 

Pre-press The Marked Spot 

After taking the measurements and marking the spot on the fabric using tailor’s chalk, you should remove the patch and pre-press the marked spot you just marked. This will help to remove any wrinkles in that area and to ready the fabric by preheating it.

Set The Cloth 


It is time to set the cloth correctly. You can use binder clips or sewing pins for keeping the cloth in place. This could improve the quality of the patch but make sure you remove these pins before ironing that part of the patch.

Now, you will need to take a thing cloth and place it over the front of the patch. It is important as it will protect the cloth from the heat by acting as a barrier. For this purpose, a pressing cloth can also be used. And if that’s also not available, then you can also use a towel, pillowcase, or a sheet.

Place A Cloth Over the Front Of The Patch

Iron The Patch 

Finally, it is the time when you will need to iron the patch. You will need to be very careful while performing this step. Take the iron and place it on the cloth for 30 seconds.

Flip And Repeat 

Once you have fixed the patch on the cloth, now you should turn it inside out. After that lay it flat on the ironing board. Now simply repeat steps 6 and 7. 


patching a cloth is not a difficult task it can be done with an iron and a thin cloth. In the guide, we have explained to you some simple steps which will help you in patching your cloth.