How To Do A French Knot

While learning how to embroider you will come across many challenges such as french knots. This can be challenging and frustrating for you if you are unable to do this stitch easily. So, make sure you read this guide till the end to know how you can sew a french knot simply.

Take The Needle To the Top

Start the french knot by taking the needle up from the back of the fabric. This will result in leaving a hanging tail behind, which you will use later.

Don't Wind From Front

Use one hand to hold the needle and the other to hold the thread, take the needle in front of the thread which you are holding on the right side of the fabric. Make sure you don't wind the thread from the front because it can result in ruining its shape.

Wind The Thread

Take the needle and wind the embroidery floss around it two or three times. After that, take your non-needle hand and wind the embroidery floss with it.

Size Of Knot

While winding make sure you keep the thread taut and the needle should be kept still. The size of the knot depends on the number of times you wind, the more you will wind the larger will be the knot.

Insert The Needle Back Down

When you insert the needle back into the fabric make sure that the thread is correctly wrapped around the needle taut. The needle should be put back somewhere close to the original hole but not at the original hole because it can cause the knot to unravel.

Pull The Thread

Now, you will need to pull the thread down the needle, you can do this by pulling the length of floss in your non-needle hand. After that, you will see a bundle of bunched threads at the bottom.

Pull Through

After that, you will see coiled thread next to the fabric at the bottom of the needle. You just need to pull that thread to the back through the fabric.

Christmas Boquet Pattern

There are many patterns for you to try such as Christmas bouquet patterns, here you can draw pictures such as berries, trees, etc.

Flower Hand Embroider

Another popular design using french knots is of a yellow flower with its leaves, you also add water or anything which you like.


1. This swimsuit sewDon't pull the thread down too tightly 2. Use your hands to hold thread and needle after looping 3. Don't push the needle down at the original point because it will result in bringing the knot out of the fabric

Sewing a french knot is a little difficult at the start but as you practice it becomes very easy, here are some simple and easy steps which can help you to sew a french, and some french knot patterns so you can get some idea.