How To Cut The Neck Of A Shirt - 30 seconds Guide

The trend of the shirt’s neck style never remains the same. Someday V neck shirts are popular and the other day circle neck become famous. Everybody wants to go according to the trend but everyone cannot afford it. Here are some simple steps for cutting the neck of the shirt and changing it into another style.

Gather The Things 

First of all, you will need to gather all the things that you will need. These things include a scissor, measuring tape, and a shirt.

Then you need to wear the shirt and determine how deep you want the neck of the shirt. You need to take the measuring tape and measure the neck. After measuring mark it, using anything that you can clearly see.

Wear The Shirt

Place The Shirt 

After measuring the shirt place it down. You cannot place the shirt on any surface. You must look for a plain surface and then place the shirt on it. Make sure that the shirt is placed correctly, there should be no wrinkles in the shirt.

Review The Mark 


Before cutting the neck of the shirt, you should again check the mark you just made for the neck. You should make sure that this is how deep you want the neck because after cutting nothing can be changed. Make sure you also make a proper line on the shirt which you will cut soon.

After reviewing all the measurements, you need to fold the shirt vertically in half, such that the seams of the shirt will match up. You need to fold it because it is easy to cut when the shirt is folded.

Fold The Shirt 

Cut The Shirt

Now, take the scissors and start cutting the shirt according to the mark you just made in the previous step. Be careful while cutting the shirt, and make sure you only cut the front side of the shirt.

Again Check It

Once, you cut the neck of the shirt, you must try it on to make sure everything is good. If you think that the shirt’s neck should be deeper then again cut by following the previous steps.

It is not very easy for everyone to cut the neck of a shirt. So, in this guide, we have given some simple steps through which you can cut the neck of your shirt. We hope these steps were helpful to you.