How To Clean A Sewing Machine

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It is very important to clean the sewing machine regularly so it does not lose its performance. Well, you can take the machine to an expert for cleaning but it is not such a big task and can be done at home. You will just need to follow the given steps.

Before trying to clean the machine make sure it is unplugged. touching anything when it's plugged can be dangerous for you. You should take the machine to a place full of lights so you can easily see small areas.

Unplug The Machine


If you don't know the specific areas to be oiled or cleaned then you can read the manual of your machine. It will guide you about the cleaning and oiling points, it will also guide you that how often you should clean or oil it. 



Again you need to read the manual and read about the main points of the machine which usually need to be cleaned. Generally, to clean these main points you will need to remove the needle plate and bobbin.

Check The Cleaning Positions


After checking the main positions make sure you use a brush to clean out all the lint. It would be better if you cleaned the underside of the machine by removing the bobbin cover. The instruments you will use are a stiff brush and tweezers. 

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Brush Lint


Most modern sewing machines do not need to be oiled so check your manual before oiling them. Make sure you don't use any oil, every machine has its own oil according to its components. You should use the oil which is best for your machine.



Once you have cleaned all the interior of the machine properly, make sure you also pay the same attention to the exterior. Much sewing is made from hard plastic so you can wipe the dirt off, but be careful if your cloth is damp and avoid the points where moisture can enter.




Don't blow interior dirt with your mouth

Don't use a vacuum to clean machines' lint

Avoid air as it can cause rusting

Don't use cheap brushe

You can also use a disposable mascara wand as a machine brush


Cleaning the sewing machine is very necessary, whenever you feel that the performance of the machine is down make sure you clean it properly. It is because all the lint and dirt stuck inside the machinery makes it slow.