How To Adjust Tension On A Sewing Machine: Tips and Ideas

“The tension of a sewing machine is a sensitive thing and is not a thing you should mess around with. It is the thing which is usually changed only by professionals because they know its process. This process can be understood by anyone who practices it regularly.”

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Set Up The Sewing Machine

Before adjusting the tension you need to set up your sewing machine and check all the equipment properly. You need to check if the bobbin pin is wounded correctly, you need to check all these to make sure that they are not affecting the tension of your machine.

Observe The Tension

To observe the tension of the knob, take a piece of cloth put it under the presser foot, and sew it. If it will be too tight then you will observe it from the front of the fabric, and if it is too loose then you can know by the back of the cloth.

Adjust The Tension Knob

Once you have observed the tension in the sewing machine, make sure you adjust the tension knob according to yourself.

How To Adjust Tension

1. If you think that tension needs to be increased then make sure you turn the tension knob up.

2. If you think that a little more pull is required by the bobbin then lower the tension setting in the needle thread.

Seam Tests

After changing the tension according to your observation, make sure to run another test and see its results. It will help you to adjust the tension in the sewing machine more perfectly.

Tension Chart

If you are a regular sewist and face trouble while sewing different types of fabrics, then it would be better for you to note down the tension of the machine for each fabric. The method will help you save a lot of time and trouble.

Tips To Consider Before Adjusting The Tension

1. Use same and good quality thread in sewing machine and bobbin

2. Clean the dirt and debris

4. Wind the Bobbin correctly

3. Check the condition of the needle, replace it if needed

The process of adjusting the tension in a sewing machine is complex and is normally done only by professionals for sewing different fabrics. If you want to learn this process then the only thing you need to do is practice.

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