6 Free Sewing Patterns for women

Whether you want to make a new dress for yourself or you want to gift it to someone special. You do not need to buy expensive dresses when you can easily make an attractive one at home. Here is a list of the best free sewing patterns that will surely help you.

The Hoodie Pattern

The hoodie pattern is one of the best patterns for girls. This hoodie is open from the front and comes with a zipper closure. You can use any color of fabric you want but make sure the fabric you use is thick and warm. You can also add pockets for giving it a great look.

The high-low t-shirt looks good on all types of women. This shirt is a little longer and wider from below than other shirts. It comes in full sleeves. The neck of this shirt is also large than the normal t-shirts. The fabric of this shirt is thin and stretchy.

The High-Low T-Shirt

Cardigan Sewing Pattern 

The cardigan sewing pattern is one of the easiest free sewing patterns. It is normally worn on a t-shirt. It is made of thin stretchy fabric. It is long till the knees and wide from the bottom. The front of this cardigan is open without any closure type. And the sleeves are full.

Free Skirt Sewing Pattern 


A skirt can easily be sewn by even a beginner. You just need a fabric with a print of dots on it. Take the fabric and sew it into a pleated skirt. The length of the skirt should be to the knees.

Sewing beautiful scrunches are one of the easiest sewing patterns. You can make attractive scrunches for your kids or yourself easily at home. You just need to take an accurately sized elastic and then cover it with an attractive fabric. Make sure you sew the fabric correctly.

Scrunches Sewing Pattern

This joy dress is made from a shiny fabric known as sultry silk. This dress comes with full sleeves. The length of this dress is not so long and is above the knees. And the neck is a little larger.

Joy Dre


In this guide, we have given some of the best free sewing patterns that will surely help beginners to start their initial projects.