Sewing Patterns for Kids - Free for Summer

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Here is a collection of some beautiful and easy sewing patterns for children's dresses. If you love sewing for your kids then you must try the sewing patterns given below.

The design of this T-shirt is an envelope or lap neckline which makes it easy to put on. You can sew it in either short sleeves or long sleeves, you also put a band on the bottom hem.

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Lap Neckline T-Shirt


This sewing design consists of a t-shirt with ribbing, hem, sleeves, and neckline. Using a lightweight or medium weight fabric would be better such as French terry or jersey. 

T-Shirt with Ribbing


This is an elastic pajama for kids, it is a loose fit and contains an elastic waistband. You can sew it in any length such as short, knee-length, and full-length. A lightweight or medium weight fabric suits best, and this pajama does not contain side seams.

Pajama Pants with Elastic


For sewing onesie patterns you just need to sew a simple shirt, you can choose the color and design of the shirt according to your child. After that, take a picture of a teddy bear and sew it on the shirt. 

Onesie Pattern


This sewing pattern suits best on babies of 0-3 months. This dress consists of a round neck, no sleeves are added and contains two pockets. It is a skirt with a button-up back. Use a light or medium weight fabric to make the baby feel comfortable.

Sleeveless Baby Dress


For this sewing pattern of T-Shirt you will need a printed fabric, you can choose the print which you like. Make sure to use a lightweight fabric. This t-shirt has short sleeves but you can also sew full sleeves if you like.

Boy T-Shirt


For sewing this post you will need to take a medium weight fabric of any color. First sew the front and back sides together then take the hood and sew it in the center. You can sew a warm fabric inside the hood to keep the head warm. 

Postman Jacket


This is a sewing pattern for kids, it is a boys blazer with full sleeves and button closure. You should take a warm and medium weight fabric for sewing this. And lining a silky fabric would be best.

Boys Blazer



There are many sewing patterns for kids, some are a little tricky and some are very easy. You can choose any sewing pattern from above which you like.