Free Christmas Cross Stitch Pattern

Christmas is the season when everyone wants to stitch different patterns for decorations. The cross stitches are mostly liked for Christmas because they give a satisfying look to the project. So, we have found the best free Christmas cross-stitch patterns for you.

Truck And Tree

The cross stitch pattern of the truck and tree for Christmas is one of the most simple but attractive patterns. It contains a truck and a tree in it. For adding beauty you can also write ‘’Merry’’ at the top of the truck and ‘’Christmas’’ at the bottom of the truck.

You might love this cross stitch pattern for Christmas as it contains a colorful hot air balloon instead of reindeer and a sleigh on which Santa travels. This pattern is packed with style and character, this pattern works well for kids of all ages.

Sky High Santa

Oh Deer 

If you have a black fabric available then it is the best pattern to stitch. It is a colorful pattern that contains a white deer with beautiful horns. This pattern looks very decorative and eye-catching. You can also use this pattern on white fabric.

Lamp Post

This pattern is very easy and simple, easy to stitch, but looks very attractive. This pattern contains a small black lamp post covered in snow. Make sure you have a white fabric for stitching this pattern.

If you have a white fabric and want to stitch a gorgeous pattern for Christmas then this is the best. The snowman looks lovely and gives a beautiful vibe. For decorating it more, you can add trees and write ‘’Merry Christmas’’.


If you are not so good at stitching drawings but still want an eye-catching cross-stitch pattern for Christmas then this is the one. You can take a fabric of red color and write ‘’MERRY CHRISTMAS YA FILTHY ANIMAL’’. It will look good if you will keep all the letters capitalized.

Ya Filthy Animal


A snowflake is an elegant and beautiful cross-stitch pattern for Christmas. This pattern tells that it's winter and the season of Christmas. It looks very gorgeous and is best for use as decoration at home.


These were some of the most attractive and simple to-stitch patterns for Christmas. We hope you would like them and would use them to decorate your home at Christmas.