6 Free Sewing Pattern For Child's Fleece Jacket 

In winter, everybody wants a comfortable and warm fleece jacket for their child, but everyone can’t buy that for everyone because of its price. The good news is that you can also sew a comfortable fleece jacket at home. Here are some of the best fleece jacket sewing patterns.


This sewing pattern is not so complex to sew and looks so attractive. For sewing this pattern you just need a fabric with prints of small panda faces. You need to sew a simple fleece jacket using that fabric, but it should not have a collar. It looks great.


This fleece jacket sewing pattern is one of the most famous patterns and looks attractive to children. For this, you can take the fabric of any color but it should be in great amounts. You can install a zip at the front, the hoodie should be large to make it look attractive.


This fleece jacket sewing pattern is very easy and can be made even by a beginner. First, take a fabric that has prints of small fish on it. Sew it like a simple fleece jacket. Your child will indeed look gorgeous in it.  

Different colors

Fleece jacket sewing patterns of different colors may look difficult to you but it is the cheapest, simple, and most attractive sewing pattern. For this, you need to collect fabric pieces of different colors and then combine them into one fleece jacket.


The marvel sewing pattern of the fleece jacket looks great, and children look cuter in that. Just take a fabric, the black color will look better. Then sew it into a fleece jacket. Take a fabric-made picture of marvel and sew it on the jacket.


The heart sewing pattern of the child fleece jacket is mainly for girls, but you can also make it for a baby boy. Take a fabric with a print of small hearts on it, then sew it into a fleece jacket. You can also add a hoodie for improving its beauty.

These were some of the best free sewing patterns for a child's fleece jackets, we hope you would like them and would use them in your recent projects.